* In order for us to perform surgery on your pet we require your pet to have a current vaccination record  This is to ensure that we're providing the quality of care that we strive for. Rabies vaccination is REQUIRED for all surgeries and can be done the day of appointment.  

The minimum weight for for surgery is 3 pounds, however, we strongly recommend the pets to be fully vaccinated before undergoing surgical procedure.

** Surgery prices DO include pain pills and IV catheter (for dogs).

** All dogs are REQUIRED to do Pre-Surgical bloodwork (or provide us with a copy done within the last 2 week) Pre-surgical Bloodwork- $77


Canine Neuter  

0-40 lbs       $81.00
41-65 lbs      $94.00
66-100 lbs    $111.00
100 +            $119.00
Canine Spay    

0-40 lbs       $83.00
41-65 lbs      $100.00
66-100 lbs   $127.00
100 +            $134.00
Canine/Feline Dental         $145.00
Feline Neuter         $50.00
Feline Spay            $60.00

Surgery Misc.

In-Heat Additional Charge        $17.00 for Cats/ $40.00 for Dogs
Pregnancy/Overweight Fee     $33.00 for Cats/ $40.00 for Dogs
Cryptorchid Fee                        $60.00
Umbilical Hernia Repair            $33.00
Dental Extractions (each)          $14 per tooth

Post op laser to expedite healing and decrease inflammation $21
Pain injection (cats and dogs) $33