Keeping your pets up-to-date with their Vaccines is always a great thing to do, but what about the diseases they can get from Mosquitoes, Fleas, Heartworms and even Intestinal Parasites?

Panda’s got you covered!

We have a variety of preventative care tailored for your pets from Flea and Tick Prevention, to Intestinal Parasite Prevention as well!

These are just a few of the preventative examinations that we do

  • Heartworm Testing*

  • Fecal Examination*

*Results back within 20 minutes

*Prevention cannot be bought without current Fecal & Heartworm Test on file

Once your pet has been tested, ask us about which prevention would be best for your pet

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You can even get it shipped straight to your house with AutoShip!

Heartworm diseases affects dogs and cats, even if they live indoors only. Is your pet current on a heartworm test? Heartworm test must be done once a year and your pet needs to be on preventive year around. Did you know that cats can also get heartworm diseases?