Cupid's History

They say a cat has nine lives, but Cupid, a cat who was shot with a bow and arrow, may only have one.

On Feb. 25, Corina Salinas was playing with her lab Zak in the back yard when the dog stumbled across the injured cat.

He went into this back corner of our backyard and started sniffing around said Salinas.

The cat could barely eat, move or go to the bathroom.

It s really messed up, I don t know how anyone can hurt a living creature. She s defenseless, maybe like 5 or 6 months old. It s inhumane, said Corina Salinas.

Salinas grabbed her mom and they drove to the closest vet, Panda Wellness Center in west Houston.

(The injury) was oozing, it was infected, said Dr. Claudia Orso.

Orso said they couldn t cut the metal arrow.

The arrow went straight under the bladder. So we re not sure if the bladder is going to work or not, said Orso.

Cupid had surgery and Corina, who is a college student, is trying to save money for whatever else Cupid needs.

I m also a board member for Texas for Blind Students and that takes a bunch of responsibilities, said Salinas. I just hope we can raise enough money for her to have this surgery, hopefully she will pull through.

The family is in touch with the SPCA. They want to know who would do something to a helpless animal. Orso said Cupid has a 50-percent chance of living.

Panda Wellness Center is raising money for a possible third surgery. If you d like to make a donation, click here. A PayPal account has also been established for Cupid.