Welcome To Panda Wellness Center

Our mission is to provide low cost preventative care to minimize suffering and euthanasia in companion pets. Our client care is anchored by integrity, a high ethical standard and professionalism.

Formerly a Daycare, Panda Wellness Center has transformed into the State of the Art facility.

The built in benches and tile floor throughout the clinic make cleaning and disinfecting easier.

With our pets in mind, the clinic was planned with separates feline/canine areas. The cats have their own waiting corner, exam room and surgery holding/recovery room.

The dog exam rooms leave nothing to desire. With cozy atmosphere and windows on the doors, the pets feel right at home.

We are very proud of the in house laboratory. The Catalyst and Vet lab station are the Cadillac of the blood machines. Blood work results are reported within 10-15 minutes of sample collection! That means that when Fluffy comes in for routine Wellness and Vaccines he will leave Panda with results in hand. That is also very important for pre surgical screening. Before anesthesia we want to make sure that the pets can handle the anesthetic and do not have underlying diseases that can compromise the safety of the procedures.  

The surgery room is the heart of Panda. The suite is located between the canine and feline recovery rooms. Wall to wall windows are strategically placed, allowing visualization of all the pets before and after surgery. A large window was also added to the surgery room to provide natural light.

In addition to the wards, Panda also has a Heartworm treatment and an isolation rooms.

Did we mention the fenced in yard? The facility has over 1ac with plenty of room for expansion!

Please stop by to visit us! Our friendly multilingual staff will be happy to give you a tour!

We are family oriented and very environmentally friendly. We have a big recycling bin outside and would love your contribution.  Plant a tree. Panda's family and friends planted about 20 fruit trees and several rose bushes in April 2013.  We will continue to do our part and and hope you join us by doing yours!


Location: 17012 Kieth Harrow, Houston  TX,77084 - (281) 345-4101 Phone (281) 345-4120 Fax

(Kieth Harrow between Highway 6 and Queenston, across from Lieder Elementary School)




Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Drop off at 8:30am)

               Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, Sunday: Closed

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